We are positioned as a rank 2 supplier in this sector.
Our IATF 16949 certification allows our company to occupy this rank for the injection moulding and chrome plating activities for components in ABS / PC - ABS .
SKG applies the following techniques for this sector and remains open to all the innovations and suggestions of its partners.

Treatments Specifications Performance
Anticorrosion Zinc plating AlKaline without cyanide reinforced passivation Cr III top-coat finish Salt spray test :200H white rust 600H red rust Thickness :Zn>10ยต
PC/ABS injection moulding 100-160 Tons/robotized prehension Aspect parts
ABS/PC-ABS Metallization Bi-nickel/satin finish /3Q7/Bright nickel/Cr III & Cr VI Conformity to adhesion tests, thermal cycle and Cass-test /Thicknesses according to constructors requirements/ Interior and exterior parts .